Fit Price Pfister 910-900 Ceramic Disc Cartridge

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  • Commercial grade! Complied with California Lead Plumbing Law AB1953. Lead content less than 0.25%.
  • 12 pt. broach or 12 spline. Length 1-13/16".
  • Fit Price Pfister lavatory or kitchen faucet. Fit both hot and cold handles.(Need to Flip Over the Clutch)
  • Replace your old Price Pfister compression stem with this ceramic disc cartridge.
  • Pull The Retainer Pin, And Flip Over The "Clutch" To Reverse Function to COLD Side

It is generally suggested to remove seats inside faucet body if you want to replace compression stems with this cartridge. Without removing old seats, you may find it has not enough space to install the new ceramic disc cartridge. If your stem valve has failed, make sure you purge the line after removing the old valve and before installing the new valve. These tend to fail when debris backs up behind the valve, scoring the ceramic valve parts and allowing water to infiltrate. If you don't purge the line, it will likely fail again. Ceramic valves are great for longevity when you don't need to worry about debris in the line, but in the real world this common problem kills a lot of these valves.